Homicides in East St. Louis

Date Name Type Address
2021-12-22 Aaron L. Molton Shooting Mile marker 3 Interstate 64
2021-11-17 Cornelius Eiland Shooting 8300 block of State Street
2021-10-01 Cornelius L. Edwards Shooting 1700 block of Missouri Avenue
2021-09-21 Michael Triplett Shooting 10th Street and Broadway
2021-09-16 Destiny Smith Shooting 1000 block of South 22nd Street
2021-09-07 Troy Williams Shooting 84th and Washington streets
2021-08-27 Ted T. Horn Shooting 350 Riverpark Drive
2021-07-31 Dwonique Seay Stabbing 15th Street
2021-06-25 Kendris K. Glenn Shooting Interstate 55 and Interstate 64
2021-05-19 Marsean Rhodes Shooting 1900 St. Louis Avenue
2021-03-23 Ramondo Bootchee Shooting Belleview Avenue and North 31st Street
2021-03-23 Brandon Johnson Shooting Belleview Avenue and North 31st Street
2021-03-13 Martinel Labon Shooting 450 North Sixth Street
2021-03-13 Charlie Howard Shooting 450 North Sixth Street
2021-03-12 Demetrius Golliday Shooting 300 block of North 70th Street
2021-03-08 Tysean Gilmore Shooting 25th and State streets