Tyauna Jones

A University City man accused of killing a woman and claiming she died by suicide was convicted of threatening to do the same thing to another woman a year prior, court records show. Landan A. Williamson, 31, is charged with second-degree murder in the Oct. 14 killing of Tyauna Jones in a Normandy apartment in the 1600 block of Castle Park Drive. Normandy police wrote in court documents last week that Williamson initially told investigators that he was the only person with Jones when she shot herself. Medical examiners' reports of Jones' gunshot wound to the head and an analysis of the gun contradicted his account of a suicide, police wrote. The shooting happened while Williamson was on probation for a 2021 domestic assault conviction, court records show. In February 2021, Williamson was charged with domestic assault after he caused a woman to pass out by slamming her head and threatening to kill her while holding a knife to her, court documents say. In that 2021 incident, Williamson told the woman he had already planned out that he was going to kill her and tell police she died by suicide with the knife. He pleaded guilty to second-degree domestic assault in December 2021 in that case. He was placed on five years probation along with about four months of "shock time" incarceration in the St. Louis County jail. Williamson was denied bond Tuesday.

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Oct. 14, 2022








1600 block of Castle Park Drive,
St. Louis County