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Median years in district


Median salary



Click on one of the headers below to sort a column. Data shown reflects pay for the 2022-2023 school year, as reported by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Only full-time credentialed educators are included; other employees are not listed in this year's edition of Public Pay.


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Position Regular salary Total pay Years in
Years in
Carey, Cynthia Central Office Admin. $107,578 $107,578 29 29
Carey, Cynthia Supervisor $107,578 $107,578 29 29
Cuneio, Douglas Central Office Admin. $114,978 $114,978 7 21
Garbs, Cheryl Central Office Admin. $73,850 $73,850 18 26
Rowe, Christopher Aide $85,370 $89,150 16 16
Thornsberry, Jana Central Office Admin. $155,864 $155,864 27 27

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