Adam's Smokehouse

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Adam’s Smokehouse in Clifton Heights boasts the St. Louis-barbecue equivalent of a royal pedigree: owners Frank Vinciguerra and Mike Ireland both worked at Pappy’s Smokehouse, and Ireland is the son-in-law of Pappy’s owner, Mike Emerson. Adam’s succeeds on its own merits, though, thanks especially to its smoked salami (three-quarters pork, one-quarter beef, all-quarters magic). Other standout meats include pork ribs — more consistently flavorful now than when I first reviewed Adam’s in 2013 — pulled pork and turkey. Whatever you order, a dollop of the tart-hot cranberry-cayenne sauce will enliven it.

From the owners

Adam's Smokehouse opened its doors in the fall of 2013. Owners Frank Vinciguerra and Mike Ireland are both Pappy's Smokehouse alums, and Adam's joined the Pappy's and Bogart's family inoffering quality barbecue with amazing service. To make their first year of business, they won the Riverfront Times' award for best barbecue. WIth their signature salami and apple-butter-glazed ribs, there's something for every barbecue fan at Adam's Smokehouse.