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It’s one thing for a restaurant to make downtown Edwardsville a destination for diners on the west side of the Mississippi River and elsewhere in the Metro East. It’s another altogether for an Edwardsville restaurant to be so compelling in its cooking and so gracious in its hospitality that you head there as automatically as you would your favorite neighborhood joint. Such has been the case since Jenny Cleveland and Eric Heath opened their namesake restaurant in late 2011. Cleveland-Heath’s “gourmet comfort” food offers something vibrantly flavored and perfectly executed for everyone, whether you want a pork chop the size of your head, a clever plating of luxurious foie gras (I loved the version from winter 2013-2014 served with pancakes) or Heath’s creative take on such traditional dishes as pho or okonomiyaki (a Japanese pancake studded with savory items). Cleveland honed her front-of-house skills at the great French Laundry in Napa, and Cleveland-Heath makes you feel a part of the community no matter how far you drove to get there.

From the owners

Our FAVORITE comfort foods prepared with an upscale attention to detail for lovers of GREAT Meals. Come in for one of the best dining experiences you will have, in a great environment, surrounded by happy people, awesome drinks and fun food. We're incredibly grateful for having had such amazing friends, family, teachers and mentors along the way. We hope everyone will share in our imagination and desire for creative cookin. Let's Eat!

We have humility…and awesome chef backgrounds. The resume is only words about the past. We let our diners write our future together with us. Come in fo rone of the best dining experiences you will have, in a great environment. Eric Heath & Jennifer Cleveland met at the Desert Edge Brewery at The Pub in Salt Lake CIty. After a short period of knowing one another, they discovered a shared obsession with food, and mutual desire to eventually have restaurant of their own. At that point, the two of them set about on the path to make that dream come true. The first step was to attend the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. While there, Jennifer received "The Culinary Award" for outstanding cooking. Jennifer and Eric are incredibly grateful for having such amazing teachers and mentors along the way. It is because of these friends, family and mentors they are excited to bring ClevelandHeath Restaurant and Bar to Edwardsville IL at 106 Main Street in the historical Boehm Building. Let's Eat!