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Guerrilla Street Food wasn’t the first food truck in St. Louis (though it was an early member of the area’s now-crowded fleet), but it was the first to prove that mobile dining could be more than just a trend or convenience, that food trucks could be the source of food as creative and delicious as anything you’d find at a conventional restaurant. Owners Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty draw from Crespo’s Filipino heritage to serve such classic dishes as lumpia (a sort of spring roll) and chicken adobo as well as their own riffs, including the truck’s signature item, the Flying Pig, which serves roasted pork with Sriracha, chiles, citrusy calamansi and a sous-vide egg over jasmine rice. Guerrilla Street Food’s expansive roster of special dishes make it one of the very few trucks worth tracking down, rather than waiting for it to park near you. For both hardcore fans and the food-truck-wary, 2015 promises to be Guerrilla Street Food’s most exciting year yet, with a storefront slated to open at Arsenal Street and South Grand Boulevard.

From the owners

St. Louis area food truck serving Filipino inspired street food with a focus on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Opening a restaurant at South Grand and Arsenal in spring 2015.

Voted Best Food Truck in America by the Munchies. Featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives," and