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One of the most exciting trends in St. Louis dining in the past few years has been the growing number of small, artisan bakeries and pastry shops. Pint Size Bakery, which opened in 2012 in Lindenwood Park, was one of the first and is still one of the best. In a tiny space — so tiny that carryout is your only option, though if you can make it back to your car without eating half your order (at least) I envy you — Christy Augustin and her team of bakers produce incredible scones, muffins, cookies and cakes, sweet and savory alike, with specific fruit and vegetable ingredients changing to highlight the season.

From the owners

Located in south St. Louis’ Lindenwood Park neighborhood, Pint Size Bakery & Coffee opened on May Day, 2012. We are a tiny lil building at the corner of Lindenwood and Watson that has housed many a pizza place since the '60s, but was originally built in 1952 as a custard shop called the Sur-Way. We have a team of talented bakers in addition to mom and pop (i.e. Nancy, Christy & Matt), plus the sweetest counter help ever! We are a carryout-only establishment, unless you count the few outside seats we have around the building. There is plenty of parking in the lot surrounding us, and we can accommodate most wheelchairs. We accept cash or credit (through Square). Join our online rewards program on your next visit – it’s easy, give us your cell number or email, and we will keep track for you.

At Pint Size Bakery & Coffee, we pride ourselves on using eggs straight from local farms, sustainably raised meats, pure butter, real cane sugar and unbleached flour in our baked goods. We are seasonally focused, baking with strawberries just in the spring and the best local apples each fall. We make jams, jellies and fillings to stretch the seasons just like Grandma did. But most importantly, we use simply the best quality raw ingredients we can get our hands on. We bake from scratch, in small batches each day so that we can give our customers the freshest baked goods around. Our superb baked goodies come out warm from the oven throughout the morning and afternoon, but supplies dwindle as the day goes on. While we have our staples, we also offer a rotating variety of house-made pastries and sweets that change with the seasons and our most fickle whims.