Sauce on the Side

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Sauce on the Side opened a second location in 2014, only two years after the original debuted downtown. More will surely follow. The restaurant has hit upon the rare trifecta of fast-casual efficiency, a quality product and a menu that, while not unique, isn’t yet another iteration of barbecue, pizza or tacos. The calzones, both familiar combinations like the pizza-esque Fatty B and creative creations like the Figgy Piggy (figs and bacon), are so enjoyable that I often forget completely about the little dish of eponymous sauce on the side. The restaurant’s URL might be a more appropriate name: Eat Calzones.

From the owners

Sauce On The Side is a fast-casual calzone shop. The menu consists of handmade, made-to-order calzones and salads. Everything is made fresh, in house, daily. There are several options, as well as a build-your-own, and each calzone comes with its own sauce on the side. Calzone aficionados and beginners alike will surely find a favorite; from the more traditional Meat Me in St. Louie and Fatty B to the Which Came First? and Gonzo. Each month we feature a special calzone and even work with other local restaurants to feature some of their specialties! There is an amazing beer selection, lots of local breweries, that tops out over 70 beers, and there is wine available, as well! There are now TWO locations and free delivery available.