Seoul Taco

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Seoul Taco underwent significant changes in 2014. The brick-and-mortar version of the wildly popular food truck moved from its tiny original spot in the Delmar Loop to a much larger space nearby — a space that it shares with owner David Choi’s new Korean-barbecue concept, Seoul Q. It wouldn’t surprise me if Seoul Taco eventually outgrew these new bigger digs, too. Its Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine is the perfect combination of fun, flavorful and affordable. My go-to meal, the spicy pork burrito with kimchee fried rice, can feed two reasonably hungry people for $8. (I’m never reasonably hungry.)

From the owners

For as long as owner and founder David Choi can remember, the bold yet traditional flavors of Korean barbecue have played an integral role in his culinary and cultural identity. Growing up in St. Louis, his Korean heritage always played a large part in his upbringing and for the Choi household. They took no greater joy than celebrating family events and holidays with his grandmother’s legendary Korean barbecue. Although the family recipe is only known by a select few, David always took pleasure in cooking for friends and acquaintances.

Wanna know our secret? It's the marination process.

We marinate our meats in all-natural herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables for an entire day before we even fire up the grill. This 24-hour marination process goes back generations, blending together all natural ingredients with a touch of Seoul. That's all we can say, or Grandma wouldn't be happy!