Sister Cities Cajun and BBQ

Sister Cities Cajun and BBQ opened very quietly in summer 2013. Owners Travis Parfait and Pamela Melton hadn’t even finished renovating the Dutchtown space to include a bar as well as a dining room — and wouldn’t until almost a year later. You didn’t need to wait for Sister Cities to be a finished project before eating there, but now you don’t have an excuse. The menu features Cajun and Creole favorites, including po’boys and excellent gumbo with andouille, shrimp and scallops, which is served by itself or poured over smoked chicken thighs. The must-order dish is an appetizer of dry-rubbed, smoked chicken wings.

From the owners

St. Louis has a growing food culture that we are honored to be a part of. While we strive to bring authentic country Cajun to the Midwest, we also pride ourselves in some of this city's own creations like the slinger, and pay homage to a rich barbecue scene that has developed from a backyard hobby to smoked cuisine. We embrace our fellow restaurants and are frequently impressed with the culinary visionaries that have welcomed us with open arms.

Growing up in southern Louisiana(SOUTH of New Orleans)gave chef Travis Parfait a complex pallet to base his culinary vision on. Beginning a professional career in Alaska in the 90's also played a role. Studying under multiple chefs exposed him to several classical styles before he was able to take the helm for the first time during cuisine's fusion period. The freedom to cross genres and blend flavors eventually became a style of its own. Wine-snobbery gave way to a love of craft beer, pretense was replaced by innovation, and flavor took the driver's seat . Poring through paper publications for inspiration became a labor of love in the days before internet and Food Network. Finding someone to share his professional goals, and a food community who appreciates them, happened in St. Louis where he met Pamela Melton, and eventually led to the opening of Sister Cities. Subtle complexity takes many forms on its ever-changing food menu, as well as Pamela's fresh takes on classic cocktails like the hurricane and sazerac. Her seasonally inspired sangrias give a nod to elegance, rather than a juice, wine and brandy cocktail. Together they hope to nurture and contribute to St.Louis' blossoming foodie community.