Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

Comet Coffee & Microbakery

Every once in a while, Comet Coffee & Microbakery sells out of its lemon-poppyseed scones before I get there, or maybe co-owner and pastry chef Stephanie Fischer decided not to bake them that day, and for a moment I sink into a deep melancholy. The lemon-poppyseed scones are my favorite baked good in the universe, the sort of thing that makes me want to grab strangers by the collar and shout, “You’ve gotta try this scone!,” which I doubt anyone anywhere has ever shouted. Anyway, the melancholy lifts, and instead I order the buttery-beyond-buttery croissant or the breakfast-in-a-bite Rebel Within or the cranberry scone, which you’ve also gotta try. If I’m lucky, there’s a seasonal special, like the too-briefly available pawpaw pie.

Opened: 2012

Must order: “You've gotta try this lemon-poppyseed scone!” ($3)