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Five Bistro

Five Bistro will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, which speaks to Anthony Devoti’s talents as a chef and his vision for a tightly curated, oft-changing menu featuring impeccably sourced, generally local products. It’s the sort of place where you can see something as simple as braised chicken leg on the menu and be excited to order it. But I feel like whenever I discuss Five, I write sentences like the two preceding this one. That braised chicken leg was excellent, but what really excited me during my most recent dinner at Five were the empanadas Devoti served as an appetizer. Filled with lamb confit, sweet potato and Kickapoo cheese, these stayed true to Devoti’s mission: sourced from local producers, elegantly plated and technically exact. The unexpected and downright fun combination of ingredients shows that within the established confines of Five, Devoti finds room to play.

Last year's ranking: 11

Opened: 2006

Must order: Menu changes frequently