Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

La Tejana Taqueria

If you could concentrate the flavor of goat into one dish, it might be the goat soup at La Tejana Taqueria, a shimmering golden broth packed with falling-to-shreds meat. Even after I think I’m full, I usually find myself soaking up the broth with tortillas or even, in a pinch, tortilla chips. Such depth of flavor is what distinguishes La Tejana as one St. Louis’ best spots for traditional Mexican fare. Antonio and Brenda Garcia’s restaurant, which shares its space with a grocery and liquor store (the Garcias also operate a butcher shop in the same Bridgeton strip mall), serves the standard array of taqueria fare, with excellent lengua, cabeza, al pastor and other tacos. Larger dishes (fajitas, enchiladas) are also available, though the play here is to wait for the weekend-only carnitas.

Opened: 2008

Must order: Goat soup (small $5.99, large $8.99)