Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

Pint Size Bakery

Pint Size Bakery will relocate this spring to 3133 Watson Road, and while the move isn’t far — not quite a mile — it’s significant, as the new home of Christy Augustin’s bakery will be double the size of the original. “We’ve only needed to do this for 2½ years,” Augustin told me when she announced the news last year. “I’ve always wanted to make everything by hand in small batches, (but) we’ve been doing it in a really hard and painful way. We have to order supplies much more often than other people. We have to make batches over and over again because we can’t store anything anywhere.” We fans of Pint Size will also benefit from the more efficient production of our beloved oatmeal cream pies, breakfast cookies and sweet and savory scones — and maybe (fingers crossed) improved odds of scoring one of Augustin’s coveted salted-caramel croissants, a Saturday-only special. Plus, the new Pint Size will feature indoor seating. Like you need an excuse to hang around and order just one more treat.

Opened: 2012

Must order: Oatmeal cream pie ($1.95)