Ian Froeb's STL 100 (2018 archive)

Photo by Robert Cohen (Post-Dispatch)

Bing Bing

The bing of Bing Bing is jianbing, a crisp, egg-streaked crepe folded burritolike around your choice of a protein (e.g., lemon-grass beef, Taiwanese sausage, barbecue pork) with lettuce, pickles and fried wontons. Owners Yijun Chen and Yong Liu offer two versions of this traditional street food from China’s northeast: a Shandong-style crepe batter (yellow corn, soybean and wheat flour) and a Tianjin-style batter (mung bean, wheat- and rice-flour). Bing Bing’s menu also includes soups, Japanese kushiage and Volcano Chicken (fried chicken sandwiching gooey American cheese), but the jianbing is what earns Bing Bing a place of distinction in St. Louis’ growing roster of regional Chinese restaurants.

Hours: Lunch and dinner daily

Last year's ranking: New this year

Opened: 2017

Must order: Shandong-style jianbing ($6.50) with barbecue pork ($1.99)