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The Cornerstone Insurance Group


Cornerstone is an employee benefits and risk management firm. We work as consultants for employers, recommending strategies that will protect their assets and liabilities. We also help clients implement long-term employee benefit plans that position them as employers of choice, offering strategic benefits planning, effective communication with employees, wellness programs, and more. Blending technology solutions and in-house expertise with a proactive service model, we build custom insurance plans for St. Louis companies of all sizes.


We offer workout classes twice a week, led by our Director of TotalWellness Leah Hammel, a registered dietician and exercise physiologist. She also offers consulting and wellness check-ins with employees. Our office will regularly host presentation events for our team, featuring experts on sleep, financial wellbeing, or other educational topics. A popular event on stress included a professional massage. Another favorite perk is the opportunity to volunteer during work hours.

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