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Politicians and donors

This app is focused on politicians running for state or federal office. It does not include information about local politicians, such as county executives, mayors, aldermen, or school board members.

This app includes all of Missouri's current U.S. senators, U.S. representatives, statewide officeholders, state senators, and state representatives. It also includes candidates running for Congress or for statewide office. It does not include candidates running for the Missouri Legislature.

As mentioned above, there can be a delay between when a politician files a report and when the contents of the report are included in this app. There can also be a delay between when candidates declares they're running for a particular office and when they appear in this app. In election years, March 31 is the deadline for candidates to file for statewide office or seats in the Missouri Legislature.

The Post-Dispatch and the aforementioned data providers attempt to group donations from the same donor. However, this grouping process is not perfect; as a result, some donors may be listed more than once in the app.

Also, because the federal and state contribution data in this app come from different sources, the same donor may have two donor profile pages: one for contributions to federal candidates, and one for contributions to state candidates.

Candidates are not required to itemize donations of $200 or less in federal races — or $100 or less in Missouri state races — though some candidates may choose to do so. In many cases in this app, such unitemized donations are listed as one item for a candidate.

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Developers Andrew Nguyen and Josh Renaud designed and programmed this app. They relied heavily on work by former Post-Dispatch data reporter Walker Moskop. Editor Amanda St. Amand supervised the project.