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About this app

General notes

Our St. Louis Crime Tracker offers you a comprehensive look at crime around the St. Louis region.

We launched the first version of the app in August 2016, focusing on St. Louis city and its neighborhoods. In 2018, we expanded the app to include St. Louis County, with its array of more than 50 separate police departments.

On the front page, you will find a long-term trends chart, showing combined crime totals for the county and city since 2005.

Inside the app, the county and the city each have separate pages with maps showing year-over-year crime change. Clicking any neighborhood or jurisdiction will take you to a detailed report page with statistics and trends for that jurisdiction.

Important things to know

The specifics

To get specific caveats and details for each section of this app, visit the following pages:

Data sources

Former contributors

Former data reporter Walker Moskop helped with development and reporting. Former online graphics editor Chris Spurlock worked on design. Former editor Jean Buchanan supervised the project.