Homicides in St. Clair County

Date Name Type Address
2022-12-24 LaShawn Bell Shooting Fall Street
2022-11-27 Margaret Stewart Unspecified 2300 North 52nd Street
2022-11-05 Unknown Shooting 300 block of South Church Street
2022-11-01 Unknown Shooting North 10th Street and St. Louis Avenue
2022-08-27 Harriett Childers Shooting 1800 block of Gaty Avenue
2022-08-24 Unknown Vehicular 1800 block of East St. Louis
2022-08-13 Demond W. Steward Shooting 900 block of St. Louis Avenue
2022-08-12 Tonika Flager Unspecified 1500 block of Westmoreland Avenue
2022-08-12 Deante J. White Shooting 9800 block of West Main Street
2022-07-20 Unknown Stabbing 1000 block of Golfview Court
2022-06-19 Unknown Shooting North 15th Street and East Broadway
2022-06-11 Sean A. Johnson Shooting 4100 block of Brady Avenue
2022-06-11 Dantez T. Ford Shooting 4100 block of Brady Avenue
2022-06-02 Austin M. Evans-Blakey Shooting 9300 block of Golden Rule Mine Road
2022-05-22 Ivan J. Marshall Shooting 455 Regency Park
2022-04-20 Camesha McCline Shooting 27th Street and Louisiana Boulevard
2022-04-05 Laron L. Brown Shooting 1300 block of North 44th Street
2022-03-13 Jonathan Brown Shooting 300 block of Monsanto Avenue
2022-02-27 Ashley Dancy Vehicular Illinois Route 15 and South 74th Street
2022-02-06 Ronnie Cummings Shooting 2700 block of Calvin Boulevard
2022-02-06 Esther Cummings Shooting 2700 block of Calvin Boulevard
2022-01-22 Alexander Graham Shooting 5700 block of Westmoreland Place