Homicides in Unincorporated St. Louis County

Date Name Type Address
2022-08-19 Litony Price Shooting 10300 Tuxford Drive
2022-07-18 Darnell Ashford Shooting 8800 Dragonwyck Drive
2022-07-03 Kathryn Sokolich Beating 900 block of Alpine Ridge Drive
2022-06-28 Michael Smith Shooting 12200 block of Culpepper Drive
2022-06-20 Delawrence Foggy Jr. Shooting 2400 block of Stoney End Court
2022-04-28 Jace Richardson Vehicular West Florissant Avenue and Hudson Drive
2022-03-30 Darius Monda Shooting 4800 block of Cloverfield Trail
2022-04-21 Bose Durham Shooting 2500 block of Nathan Drive
2022-01-12 Latoyria Johnson Shooting 2900 block of Atlantic Park Avenue
2022-01-12 Corey Dukes Shooting 9900 block of Halls Ferry Road