Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

Asian Kitchen

St. Louis isn’t exactly a hotbed of Korean cuisine, and what is probably the area’s best-known Korean restaurant, Seoul Taco, actually serves a mashup of Korean-Mexican fare. Fortunately, among our few traditional Korean options is Asian Kitchen in University City. This small and unassuming restaurant offers a wide range of experiences, from an inexpensive lunch of bibimbap or — for a heartier, spicier change of pace — kimchee bokeumbap (fried rice with kimchee, beef and egg) to hot-pot or Korean-barbecue dinners for two. And whether you order simply or elaborately, the spread of banchan that the kitchen sends out as side dishes is impressive in its variety, quality and number.

Opened: 2009

Must order: Kimchee bokeumbap (lunch $8.95, dinner $9.95)