Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

Baileys' Range

On my most recent visit to Baileys’ Range, I took a deep breath and ordered something other than the basic patty, medium-rare. This is a credit to Dave Bailey’s downtown burger restaurant. In a town full of just-OK burgers, the basic burger here is a reliable standout, blush-red in the center, with the copper tang of good grass-fed beef. But I needed to make sure that the myriad other burgers at Baileys’ Range also deliver, and now I can add the Dave’s Chop House burger to my rotation. Smoked gouda, bacon jam and steak sauce blanket an aged-sirloin patty (more conventionally “beefy” than the regular patty), but the revelation here is the just-right herbal smack of rosemary cream cheese.

Opened: 2011

Must order: Basic burger with cheese ($8.50) and small fries ($2)