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J. McArthur's closed in December 2016. Ben McArthur’s Lindenwood Park establishment was one of 2015’s best new restaurants and a strong contender for the Top 25 of this year’s list. It will compete for a spot in the Top 25 next year, too, as McArthur continues to build on what he’s already accomplished here. J McArthur’s seamlessly integrates the strengths of progressive American cuisine — a focus on quality, often locally sourced ingredients; modernist technique; painterly platings — with many of the details that contemporary restaurants have forsaken. Diners enjoy some space between tables here, and they can talk to each other without shouting. The best dishes are equally seamless: scallops, beautifully browned in a cast-iron skillet, served when I ordered them atop a butternut-squash bisque with bacon, Brussels sprouts and cubes of butternut squash cooked in a sous-vide bath.

Last year's ranking: New

Opened: 2015

Must order: Cast-iron skillet scallops ($24)

From the owners

J McArthur's, a modern American bistro, creates innovative food made of the best ingredients available from our favorite local farmers in a warm, welcoming casually sophisticated atmosphere. We love exceptional food and warm hospitality. Our goal is for you to leave our place thinking, "the food was amazing and it felt like I just had dinner at my friend's."