Photo by Roberto Rodriguez

Salume Beddu

Looking for a reason to be amazed anew by Marc Sanfilippo’s salumeria and lunch restaurant? Try the hot dog. No, seriously, Sanfilippo makes the mundane old frankfurter taste new again. It’s your first time here? Sure, you can order a hot dog, too. But the best introduction to Salume Beddu is to dive into the house-cured meats with the prosciutto sandwich with Gruyère and pickled onions. (I’m also partial to the speck sandwich, also topped with Gruyère as well as preserved lemon.) Or you could begin with Salume Beddu’s salsiccia: the Beast accents the feisty, smoky fiama sausage with grain mustard and peperonata. The Saturday menu includes specials like the pork ribs rubbed with ras al hanout (my dish of the year in 2011, when Salume Beddu opened) and the Tedesco, a habanero sausage smartly accented with sweet caramelized onions, crisp celery greens and housemade sauerkraut.

Opened: 2011

Must order: Prosciutto sandwich ($10)