Sauce on the Side

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Sauce on the Side moved to bigger digs downtown last year, and this spring it will open in the Grove, bridging the gap between its original and Clayton restaurants. In other words, St. Louis’ appetite for Sauce on the Side’s calzones continues to grow. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Founders Brendon Maciariello, Ryan Mangialardo and Daniel Porzel identified a niche in the market and filled it with a quality fast-casual product. Dishes like the Fatty B, the Costanza and the Meat Me in St. Louis follow the calzone-as-inverted-pizza template but the menu pushes beyond this with the mushroom-loaded Magic Carpet Ride, the spicy egg-chicken-bacon Which Came First ...? and the elegant Figgy Piggy. If Sauce on the Side stops at only three locations, I’ll be shocked.

Opened: 2012

Must order: Fatty B ($10)

From the owners

Sauce on the Side is a fast, casual style restaurant specializing in gourment calzones. As soon as you enter Sauce on the Side, you are in a special place that features a fun friendly atmosphere with great food, people and a definate love the local community. One thing you will not find at Sauce on the Side is a freezer. Actually, you might find a small one for the homemade Serendipity ice cream that has been added to the menu. The owners believe in all ingredients being as fresh as possible, made in-house, and sourced from local suppliers. Hand-tossed dough is made on the premises daily, along with all salad dressing, bastes, and dipping sauces.