Ian Froeb's STL 100 (2018 archive)

Annie Gunn's

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If a comet vaporized Chester-field tomorrow, Annie Gunn’s place in the pantheon of St. Louis restaurants would be assured. Owner Thom Sehnert, chef Lou Rook III, wine director Glenn Bardgett and the rest of the team have nothing more to prove. They persist on this list — and, more importantly, in public affection, as anyone knows who has wandered in at lunch or dinner naively expecting a table to be available — because they continue to prove it. Annie Gunn’s displays as remarkable a range as any restaurant on this list, turning out casual lunch fare (the roast beef on the French dip is as tender as softened butter), luxury dishes (foie gras, rib-eye steaks), modern cuisine and down-home cooking, with equal aplomb.

Hours: Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday (closed Monday)

Last year's ranking: No. 21

Opened: 1994 (post-flood version)

Must order: Menu changes frequently